Spiral Fiber is bringing you gigabit speed internet service

At Spiral, we've been working on bringing ultra-high speed internet access to Nevada County since 2008. Starting in late summer 2021, we begin construction on an all-underground fiber optic network that will connect 14,000 homes and 400 businesses in the 95959, 95975, 95946, and 95949 areas.

All-underground means safe from wildfires and high winds. Our network will also be 100% up and running during PSPS events and power outages. Symmetrical gigabit speed means you'll never have to worry about that online class, Zoom video meeting, online gaming, and streaming 4K movie all happening at the same time. It will just work.

This website is set up to take you through the whole process from “I want it!” to “I'm connected!”.
By taking our survey, we will keep you up to date on the progress as we move along. So, please encourage your neighbors to take the survey too. We’ll start in the 95959 neighborhoods, then continue into the other areas which show the most interest. We expect to connect everyone within a 2 1/2 year period of time. Yes, that’s fast, but we're bringing on a professional team of fiber optic network engineers, construction management personnel, and construction companies to get it done. We have an impressive team on board.

Step 1, Fill out the survey:
Take our customer survey to show your interest. And please tell your neighbors to do the same! The more interest we have in your neighborhood, the better chance you have of being one of the first connected. Don't worry, your information is safe with us.

Step 2, Sign up for service:
Once you get this email to “sign-up” from us, you know you’re getting closer to having faster internet! You'll want to convince your neighbors to sign up too. At this point, stay tuned as we’ll be contacting you soon.

Step 3, Construction:
Once we start construction in your neighborhood, one of our staff will be contacting you to set-up an appointment so we can bring the all-underground connection from the road to your home or business. Right after that, our installation crew will bring the fiber into your home.

Step 4, Now, you're connected:
Once the first three steps are completed, your home or business will now experience gigabit symmetrical internet access. There's truly nothing like it.