Spiral is bringing Gigabit internet to Nevada County

In mid-2017, Spiral begins construction on northern California’s first gigabit 100% fiber optic internet network right here in Nevada County. We are building in areas where cable internet is not available. We start in “Service Area A”, which are the neighborhoods located along Highway 174 and Dog Bar Road. If your home or business is located outside this area, then you’ll want to let us know that you are interested. Start by clicking below, and we’ll let you know what area you are located within.

Service Area A is the first phase
Spiral’s “Service Area A” project area was funded by a $16.2M grant from the California Public Utilities Commission in December 2015. We spent the better part of 2016 preparing our environmental report. The network will be all-underground with fiber optic cable going all the way to the side of your home or business. View the Google Map at www.spiral.com/map

Symmetrical gigabit speeds
We are offering 1 gigabit per second internet access; both downstream and upstream. Only 100% fiber optic networks can offer that kind of symmetrical speed. That is about 1,000 megabits per second. Easily a hundred times faster than your existing service. Your internet connection will just work.

Cost of service
1 gigabit per second (symmetrical) home service is $119 per month. 1 gigabit per second (symmetrical) business service is $259 per month. Your agreement with Spiral will be month-to-month, so you can cancel at any time. And there will be no data caps, or charges for additional data use. It’s that simple.

Start-up and equipment costs
The total one-time cost will be $576, which can be spread out over a two-year period with $24 per month payments. Half of that is for internal setup and the other half for equipment.
We will bring the fiber optic cable (using directional boring) all the way to the side of your home or building at no cost to you. For home service, we are charging a $288 fee to run the fiber optic cable into your home and set up gigabit-capable internal wireless network. We will provide an estimate for setting this up in office buildings or business locations.
The fiber optic modem (what we call an “optical network terminal” or “ONT”) will cost an additional $288. You then own the modem, which has a 2-year warranty, but no monthly equipment rental charges. If you have a large home or office, and want to extend the range on your wireless service, then we have other equipment you can purchase.

Connect yourself and your neighbors first
If your home or business is located within “Service Area A”, you will start by filling out our brief survey, then signing up and making a deposit of $119 (fully refundable). If you’re located outside of “Service Area A”, you’ll only fill out the survey. Then we’ll know you’re interested in being included in future phases. Here are the steps:

Step 1, Survey: Take our customer survey. And ask your neighbors to do the same!
If you are located within “Service Area A”, then you will skip this step and start with

Step 2, Sign up: Make a $119 deposit (fully refundable, applicable toward your first month of service).

Step 3, Construction: In August we will determine the order in which the neighborhoods will be connected and we’ll notify you about our construction schedule. Your deposit guarantees service. Neighborhoods with the highest percentage of signups will be served sooner.

Step 4, Connected: Congratulations! You and your neighbors have now joined the few towns in the U.S. with gigabit internet access. It will be amazing!