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Currently no Zones in this Step

Peter Braid Willow Valley east

Louise Jones N. Bloomfield east

John Powers South of Newtown

Thomas Spellman Lake Vera Purdon

Nanette Villnow North of Newtown

Kathleen Sutphen Nevada City southeast

Scott Holt Lake Vera Purdon

Sarah McCarthy Bitney Springs west

steve Danner Indian Flat

Rick Partridge N. Bloomfield east

Paul Mosher Nevada City southwest

Stefan Fitzer South of Newtown

Donn Harris Willow Valley west

Hindi Greenberg Ridge Road to Via Vista

Gary Price Bitney Springs east

Chunyu Ou Bitney Springs east

Rhonda Myers N. Bloomfield east

Bill Juhl South of Newtown

Linda Horning Willow Valley west

Heather Wilson N. Bloomfield east

Jeffrey Hein Lake Vera Purdon

Margaret Curry N. Bloomfield east

Ron Antaki North of Newtown

Stephanie Andrews Lake Vera Purdon

Carol Cator Lake Vera Purdon

Lizary Jones Ridge Road to Via Vista

Craig Rohrsen Bitney Springs east

Allen Poirson Nevada City northeast

Rob Agrimonti N. Bloomfield west

Richard Baker Nevada City southwest, South of Newtown

Shannon Schroter Nevada City northeast

Ulrich Paulin Lake Vera Purdon

James Kelleher Cement Hill

Nathaniel Ingersoll Bitney Springs west

Scott Allen Bitney Springs west

Doug Young Willow Valley west

Lisa Milano N. Bloomfield east

Gabe Aronow Willow Valley west

Sonny Curto North of Newtown

Katrina Schneider Indian Flat

Nick Bodley N. Bloomfield west

Nathan Simpson Lake Vera Purdon

Denis Kutch N. Bloomfield east

David Fallside Nevada City southwest

dave king Willow Valley west

Richard and Theresa Thomas Nevada City southwest

Justin Sternberg N. Bloomfield west

Kerry Rose Nevada City southwest

Pinky Zalkin Nevada City southwest

Paul Kolackovsky Lake Vera Purdon

Tim Snellings Ridge Road to Via Vista

Nathan Wolfson N. Bloomfield west

Adam Reed N. Bloomfield west

Katie Carter N. Bloomfield east

Joyce Convis N. Bloomfield east

Meredith Maycotte Willow Valley east

Jeffrey Rogers Willow Valley west

Andrea Inks Lake Vera Purdon

Gregory Reynolds Bitney Springs east

Elizabeth Baker Lake Vera Purdon

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