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We began with
Google Fiber

In 2010, Spiral started it all by joining the 1,100 towns and cities across the U.S. in asking Google to build a fiber network here. We sure got a lot of media coverage across the country, but most importantly we found out that our community wanted gigabit fiber optic internet service.

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We continued with
Bright Fiber

In 2013, we applied for a California Public Utilities Commission grant for a fiber optic network along the Hwy 174 and Dog Bar Road corridors. We also gathered community leaders together to create a vision of Nevada County with gigabit internet service.

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And now Spiral Fiber
is launching

We knew our work wasn't complete until we finished what we started. So, we're connecting 14,000 homes and 400 businesses with an all-underground fiber optic network that is 10 Gbps ready. What's best is that we'll stay up and running during PSPS events and power outages.

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